03/25/2013 01:07 EDT | Updated 03/26/2013 08:53 EDT

Patrick Kane: NHL '94 Treatment Becomes The Star Hockey Forward (VIDEO)

You have to give Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane credit for resisting the urge to pull the one-timer here.

You know, the pass across the goal mouth to a teammate's ready stick, which then blasts the puck past a helpless goaltender.

In NHL '94, that move was money in the bank. And incredibly frustrating for the thumb-blistered defender, who all but dismantled his controller in a futile effort to stop the goal.

Did we just speed burst right past you, dear reader? Forgive us, non-90s gamers. NHL '94 was a hockey video game -- the undisputed jewel in the EA Sports crown. It was realhockey. Or, at least, real fake hockey.

Born in 1988, Patrick Kane would have been just knee-high when the game came out -- which makes this anachronism so much more awe-inspiring.

There's a modern-day player, rocking the little blue star that indicates he's the one belong controlled (HIT THE 'B' BUTTON TO SWITCH PLAYERS). There's a deke on the a defenseman (D-PAD), and there's the glorious spin-o-rama. (JUST MASH THE DAMN CONTROLLER!)


Kane won't be the first player to go all back to the future. EA Sports is partnering with the National Hockey League to celebrate the game's 20th anniversary by giving modern-day highlights the '94 treatment.

And for that, the men and women who sweat and bled into their controllers salute you.

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