03/26/2013 09:34 EDT

Canadian First World Problems: 15 Things To Grumble About In The Great White North


There’s plenty to be grateful for here in Canada, but we certainly do our fair share of complaining.

It seems Canadians have our own set of "first world problems", or frustrations over fairly trivial things in this privileged country of ours.

Is it really so bad when your favourite store doesn’t ship to Canada, or when you get mistaken for an American while travelling abroad?

Yes. Yes, it is.

Here are 15 more things that can totally drive Canadians nuts. Can you think of any other first world problems exclusive to the Great White North? Share them with us in the comments or on twitter with the hashtag #CanadianProblems

Note: If Canadian rocker Matthew Good really did coin the term ‘first world problems’ in a 1995 song, we salute him.

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