03/26/2013 01:16 EDT

Now You Can Vote On Lyrics For Carly Rae Jepsen's Next Song


It seems like you can crowdsource anything these days: weddings, baby names, etc. And now you can help Carly Rae Jepsen write her next monster hit.

Jepsen is teaming up with American Idol and Coca-Cola to get fans to vote on lyrics to a song tentatively called "Take A Picture," which she will perform at the American Idol finale.

Unfortunately, if you wanted to make Jepsen sing about narwhals, cats and/or sloths in the best Mad Libs game of all time, you're out of luck. Each time, participants vote on one of three pre-written phrases. Voters get access to exclusive videos and song clips and get entered into a contest to attend the American Idol finale in May, among other prizes.

Hopefully this will be more successful than when Mountain Dew attempted the same thing.