03/26/2013 11:37 EDT | Updated 05/26/2013 05:12 EDT

Clean Energy Vehicle Rebate Extended In BC


VANCOUVER - The British Columbia government has extended its clean energy vehicle incentive program for another year.

Environment Minister Terry Lake made the announcement Tuesday morning at the opening of the Vancouver International Auto Show in Vancouver.

Lake says more recharging stations are opening around the province and he's confident interest in electric, hybrid-electric or compressed natural gas vehicles will pick up.

He says qualifying drivers can receive up to $5,000 off the pre-tax cost of a clean energy car.

So far, only 431 consumers have taken advantage of the program, while the province has handed out 111 rebates for residential charging points.

Lake says the $500 rebate for the residential electric charging points will also continue for another year. (CHNL)

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