03/26/2013 19:35 EDT | Updated 05/26/2013 05:12 EDT

Man who beat bus driver jailed for breaching curfew

A man who avoided jail time after a violent assault on a Vancouver bus driver will now spend two months in jail.

In February of 2011, Del Louie punched Coast Mountain bus driver Charles Dixon after being told not to board the bus by the back door. Dixon suffered serious facial injuries and mild-to-moderate brain damage.

Louie received an 18-month conditional sentence in April 2012. A provincial court judge ordered Del Louie to spend his sentence in treatment at the Victory Wellness Center in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside.

Del Louie was caught breaching his curfew on March 9, when police went to check in on him.

Louie stood up in court Tuesday and expressed regret for his actions. The judge ordered him to spend 53 days in jail and placed him under house arrest.

Dixon, whose son was on the board the bus and was also assaulted by Louie, was also in court for the sentencing.

"This may sound harsh, but I'm actually quite pleased he has to spend another 53 days in jail," he said.

"It'll give him some very important time to consider what he's done to not only myself, my son, but the previous female transit operator in 2009, the police officer, the paramedic — enough is enough," Dixon said.