03/26/2013 02:07 EDT | Updated 03/27/2013 08:32 EDT Magazine's Plastic Surgery-Inspired Editorial Is Kind Of Creepy (NSFW PHOTOS)

Baard Lunde/

Australian magazine is targeting plastic surgery in its latest editorial spread -- and it isn't exactly pretty.

The editorial called "Pull Yourself Together" was shot by photographer Baard Lunde and manages to make gorgeous model Jordan Almen look sinister and frightening by pulling at her flawless features with various contraptions.

One image shows Almen's skin being stretched by wires; another is reminiscent of Clockwork Orange as Almen poses with a maniacal, post-operative smile.

This isn't the first time high fashion has featured cosmetic surgery in its photo spreads. Tom Ford and Vogue Italia have both had plastic surgery-themed photo shoots in the past, with pictures that ranged from tongue-in-cheek to difficult to look at it.

Check out the photos from the editorial below and tell us what you think.

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