03/26/2013 03:49 EDT | Updated 05/26/2013 05:12 EDT

PQ government: Ottawa will have to fight us to change skills training program

Quebec's premier says she "won't give an inch" to the federal government when it comes to skills training.

Pauline Marois says she will fight the federal budget in the hope of convincing the Harper Tories to go back to the drawing board.

She says she's hoping that Quebec's other parties, businesses, labour unions and the general public will help her pressure the feds.

Marois is also expressing a willingness to work with other provincial governments who oppose the federal changes to skills training.

The Harper Tories want to shift some of the responsibility for skills training away from provincial governments, to a new three-party fund controlled by businesses and the federal and provincial governments.

During a Quebec City chamber of commerce speech, Marois earned applause from the audience when she promised to fight the feds on skills training.

She also blasted the government for scrapping a tax credit for donations to union-run venture capital funds. That investment vehicle is extremely popular in Quebec and the impact of the federal measure will almost exclusively be felt there.

Marois said the tax measure will cost Quebec investors $300 million, while steering hundreds of millions more toward investments in Toronto.

She called the federal budget an "attack" that causes useless fights.