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Kyle Hartman Cancer Video: Canadian Gets Celebrities To Wish Girlfriend Fighting Cancer Happy Birthday

What do you do when it's your girlfriend's birthday and she's several thousand miles away and recovering from brain surgery? A phone call, a card or a singing telegram just won't do.

If you're Canadian Kyle Hartman, you wrangle up a dozen celebs and get them to wish her a happy birthday and a speedy recovery. In the video, which Kyle posted on YouTube on Feb. 4, everyone from Aerosmith's Steve Tyler to Kim Kardashian took a moment to wish Kyle's Australian girlfriend, Emily, a happy birthday.

"Hang on to him. He's a good guy," says Entourage star Adrian Grenier in the video, and we couldn't agree more.

Kyle and his girlfriend Emily (pictured below) have a pretty remarkable story. They met in 2008, had a long distance relationship until Emily decided to move to Canada in 2011. Sadly months later she was diagnosed with a brain tumour and was forced to fly home to Australia for surgery and treatment.

Kyle documents their relationship in his touching donation page for the Canadian Cancer Society. So far he's raised $1,600 but we think he's got a shot at raising a bit more.

"Like I always tell Emily: No matter where we are, by her side is my favorite place to be. We had beaten the whole long-distance relationship thing once, and we'll do it again," Kyle writes.

Kyle is even growing out his hair and will be lopping it off to raise money to fight cancer.

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