03/27/2013 10:41 EDT

PEI Hockey Fight: Tignish Aces vs. Sherwood Falcons (VIDEO)

Video of a massive hockey fight in PEI is going viral.

The fight broke out between players from the Tignish Aces and Sherwood Falcons during a post-game ceremony for the midget AA hockey semifinal in Charlottetown on Sunday.

The massive brawl, which did nothing to dissuade the rink's DJ from continuing to pump techno, resulted in 10 suspensions, eight for players and two for coaches, according to The Canadian Press.

Three players from the defeated Falcons "crossed center ice and charged at the Aces, resulting in a total brawl of both teams," according to YouTube poster Jason Rayner.

The PEI scuffle comes soon after video of fight in the stands at a Tweed, Ont. junior hockey game racked up more than 300,000 views on YouTube.

The off-ice fight is being investigated by police. The on-ice PEI fight? Not so much.

The brawl didn't do much to help the Aces in the final. According to Yahoo! Sports, the team lost 4-0 to South Shore to close out the season.

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