03/27/2013 15:09 EDT | Updated 05/27/2013 05:12 EDT

Wednesdays w. @Kady replay: Abortion vote cracks open Tory caucus

On Wednesdays,'s Politics blogger convenes a "people's caucus" to discuss and debate the issues of the week, so far.

Up for discussion this week:

- MPs who oppose abortion and want to see legislated limits for it are pushing back against normally air-tight Tory caucus discipline. Is this merely a small, issue-specific tempest or is there bigger storm brewing over the way the Conservatives are managing messaging in their ranks? Did that subcommittee make the right call when it declared B.C. MP Mark Warawa's private members motion on sex-selective abortion non-voteable?

- It's Bob Rae's last day in caucus and in question period before a new federal Liberal leader is picked. Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau's giving a keynote speech at Toronto's Empire Club as part of his final days of campaigning for the top job. What's changing for the third party? What's next for Rae?

- Should NDP Leader Tom Mulcair have rebuffed the Green Party's calls to stand down and make it easier for now-official Liberal candidate Yvonne Jones to defeat former cabinet minister Peter Penashue in the upcoming Labrador by-election? Does Mulcair's personal appearance there yesterday seem smart, stubborn or foolish?

Replay this week's conversation:

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