03/28/2013 13:59 EDT | Updated 05/28/2013 05:12 EDT

Blair sees 'need for change' in officer suspensions

Toronto police Chief Bill Blair sees room for improvement in the Police Services Act when it comes to the issue of suspending officers with pay.

Blair recently recorded a video that was distributed internally to the police force, which called out officers who abuse their position and thus the trust that the public puts in them.

He spoke to CBC Radio's Metro Morning about his disdain for this type of officer misconduct and the impact it has on other officers and the police force at large.

Blair said the police force relies on the support of the public to do their job. But that bond can be eroded by the actions of a small number of officers engaged in "totally unacceptable" practices and behaviours.

The message he delivered in his video was meant to drive home this message.

"I'm trying to stand up for those who are doing it right, against those few who would do it wrong and undermine the ability of those of us who are trying to do this job in the way it’s supposed to be done," Blair said.

When Metro Morning host Matt Galloway asked about the issue of suspending officers accused or suspected of misconduct with pay, Blair said the Police Services Act "only allows for suspension with pay."

But the police chief said he has advocated for changing the act, including making presentations to government "regarding the need for change of that particular piece of the legislation, the Police Services Act."