03/28/2013 04:12 EDT | Updated 03/28/2013 04:50 EDT

Jarome Iginla Trade: How Different Is Pittsburgh From Calgary?

News of Jarome Iginla's trade makes one wonder: How different is Pittsburgh from Calgary?

The Pittsburgh Penguins are the most frequent reference we hear to the eastern U.S. city, so what will Iggy face and what he can expect when he makes his inevitable move?

First off, Iggy will be welcome to a much smaller city. According to the 2011 U.S. Census Bureau count, Pittsburgh has a population of 307,484, while Calgary's 2012 municipal census counted a population of 1,120,225.

And if he has any hesitation about leaving behind Calgary's beautiful Peace Bridge, Centre Street Bridge and 10th St. Bridge, he need not worry; Pittsburgh holds a world record 446 bridges.

Calgary and Pittsburgh are both considered the 'Best Place To Live' in their respective countries - Forbes and The Economist have named Pittsburgh America's most livable city, while Calgary was recently named the best Canadian city to live in by MoneySense magazine.

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In terms of weather, Iginla won't be able to escape the cold and snowy winters with a move to Pittsburgh, but he will experience milder temperatures and more humidity year-round. He might also want to start taking Vitamin D supplements - according to the National Climatic Data Centre Pittsburgh gets about as many sunny days as Seattle, and far fewer than Calgary.

Iginla will also have to contend with football envy, perhaps. Both the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers and a handful of excellent college and high school teams makes football the most popular sport in the city.

The most pleasant surprise Iggy will face, however, will be the numbers that appear after the dollar sign. According to the Numbeo Cost of Living Comparison, almost everything is cheaper in Pittburgh, from transportation to rent to a night out on the town.

Have a look at some of the price differences between Pittsburgh and Calgary below.