03/31/2013 06:43 EDT | Updated 05/31/2013 05:12 EDT

Police find missing eight-year-old boy in Yarrow after eight hours

VANCOUVER - Police say they've located the eight-year-old boy who went missing Sunday morning from a restaurant in Chilliwack.

Sergeant Forbes Cavanagh (Cav-ah-naw) says Levi Elgersma was found in Yarrow, some distance from the A&W Restaurant on Vedder Road where he was last seen.

He says police are still investigating what happened in the eight hours that the boy was missing but says it seems to be a case of a boy biking off to explore on a warm spring day.

Cavanagh says it's unsure whether Elgersma's parents were with him at the time he disappeared, and the child has no history of running away.