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Krymzen And Samara Sunshine Rescue An Amazing Story (VIDEO, TWEETS)

An amazing story of how Edmonton’s Adam Shaw and his dog Rocky rescued Krymzen and Samara Sunshine is a heart warming story that shows the bravery of strangers and how proud we are of these heroes.

The man was out for a walk in a city park with his wife, kids and dog Rocky when they heard the commotion. Shaw and Rocky eventually were able to rescue the two girls who were floating on the North Saskatchewan River.

The girls’ father, Cory Sunshine, said the two girls -- Krymzen, 10, and Samara, 9 -- were out sledding with friends in the late afternoon.

"I'm very grateful for Adam Shaw and his dog," Sunshine said, according to the CBC. "My girls are safe and sound. He is truly our angel."

"We looked down to see one young girl floating in the river and her sister trying to pull her out," Shaw said Monday at a firehall news conference. "We tried to yell to them to hang onto the ice and stay where they were if they could."

Shaw first rescued Krymzen, but Samara was floating down the river. Rocky swam out to Samara who was disappearing under water. Held on to Rocky’s leash and the dog got back to Shaw, who dragged the girl out. The two girls spent the night in hospital and are fine.

Meanwhile, on Twitter, citizens are praising the pair.

“Adam Shaw and dog Rocky. True Canadian heroes. Congratulations on rescue of 2 young girls,” tweeted Mike Taylor.

Shaw says Rocky is an "adventurous" dog who likes to go in and out of the water. "He's always shocking us with jumping off the ice and stuff like that his whole life, so I knew that he could jump in the water and swim back, no problem," he told the Canadian Press.

"I think he knew something out of the ordinary was going on. After it all happened, we were sitting on the shore and he's a pretty active dog, he's usually running around and stuff, but he came and sat down beside me and beside the girl and he didn't move," Shaw told CP.

Here are more accolades for the pair.

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