04/02/2013 02:07 EDT | Updated 06/02/2013 05:12 EDT

Nova Scotia finance minister says people overcharged for booze will be refunded

HALIFAX - People in Nova Scotia who were overcharged while buying liquor over the weekend because of a computer glitch will be reimbursed if they bring their receipts, Finance Minister Maureen MacDonald said Tuesday.

But MacDonald is rejecting a call to investigate why customers were charged higher prices on some products Saturday, two days ahead of a scheduled price increase by the Nova Scotia Liquor Corp.

"There are probably lots of things we could investigate in this province that would give us a greater return for the public taxpayer than something like this," MacDonald said.

She said she regrets the error.

But Progressive Conservative Leader Jamie Baillie said the government needs to explain why the mistake occurred.

"Glitch or not, someone decided to let it go and let that whole day to go by, that busy day, when people were charged too much," he said.