04/02/2013 01:27 EDT | Updated 04/02/2013 03:34 EDT

Patrick Brazeau Admits Resignation Tweets Were April Fools' Joke, Claims He ‘Played The Media'


Embattled Senator Patrick Brazeau took to Twitter early Tuesday morning to gloat about how he “played the media” with an April Fools' Day joke that went over like a lead balloon.

Then, hours later, he apologized for suggesting he would resign his seat in the Senate.

Brazeau caused a minor fuss on Monday night — well past the noon cutoff for April Fools' shenanigans — when he tweeted that he would “step down” from his position the next day.

Many were immediately skeptical that Brazeau, who was booted from the Conservative caucus in February after he was charged with assault and sexual assault, would walk away from a job that pays $132,000 per year.

Hours later, Brazeau seemed to imply it was all a joke.

But when Yahoo! Canada blogger Andy Radia posted a story that labelled the prank ‘immature,’ Brazeau couldn’t resist weighing in.

“No, I played the media,” he responded in a tweet that has since been deleted.

On Tuesday afternoon, Brazeau returned to Twitter to apologize for his joke, which he described as 'tasteless.'

The independent senator has pleaded not guilty to charges arising from allegations that he punched, choked and pushed a girlfriend down a flight of stairs after an argument about aboriginal issues got heated. He is also accused of grabbing her breast, calling her vulgar names and spitting in her face.

Brazeau's Senate colleagues voted to force him to take a leave of absence in early February.

His next court date is set for June 10.

See reaction to Brazeau's tomfoolery in the gallery below.