04/03/2013 11:16 EDT

Doug Ford Wants To Run For Progressive Conservatives In Ontario Election

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Toronto city councillor Doug Ford said on Wednesday that he wants to run as a Progressive Conservative in an upcoming Ontario provincial election. Doug Ford's brother, Rob Ford, is currently Toronto's mayor and their father, Doug Ford Sr., was an MPP in the Mike Harris government.

Ford made the announcement on the John Oakley Morning Show on AM 640. "Call an election Kathleen Wynne in May and I will run. I will guarantee it and we will defeat you," he said. "We will make sure the fiscal ship of this province is going in the right direction." You can listen to the recording below:

Ford had been approached by the Conservatives in 2011, but he chose to stay on as city councillor, reported the National Post.

Doug Ford has been one of the staunchest allies of scandal-plagued Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Doug defended his brother during his most recent scandal which involved allegations the mayor was drunk during a fundraising event.

Doug took aim at the Toronto Star the paper that first published those allegations.

"The Toronto Star can’t stand Rob Ford, their main goal is number one to sell newspapers, but number two is to get Rob Ford out of office," he told AM 640's John Oakley.

The pair co-host a call-in weekly radio show on Newstalk 1010.

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