04/03/2013 04:33 EDT | Updated 06/03/2013 05:12 EDT

Kijiji Ad Offers One Twin Baby For Sale In Fort McMurray


An unusual Kijiji ad offering the sale of one twin baby in Fort McMurray has prompted RCMP to investigate.

On March 28, Wood Buffalo RCMP were alerted to the suspicious online advertisement. The ad suggested a young female, currently pregnant with twins, was interested in selling one of the babies upon birth.

"Hi, I'm 7 and a half months pregnant with twin boys," Fort McMurray today reports the the ad, which has since been deleted, as saying.

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"I'm 20 years old and as hard as it is I can only care for one child. I would like to sell my other baby to a sweet caring family who will love him and care for him. I would like it to be private as well. Email if interested or would like to know more."

The ad listed the asking price as $3,000.

Natasha Lytwenko, an RCMP officer based in Fort McMurray, told the Globe and Mail the ad was "seen by someone who was quite concerned."

"...We're still conducting an investigation to determine the validity to it," she said.