04/03/2013 07:47 EDT | Updated 04/04/2013 01:20 EDT

Vancouver Porpoise, Levi, Improving At Aquarium (VIDEO)

A harbour porpoise rescued from Saanich Inlet last month is showing signs of improvement at the Vancouver Aquarium.

"He seems to be re-gaining strength very slowly, and is eating a little better, but still has a long way to go," said Vancouver Aquarium veterinarian Dr. Martin Haulena in a news release on Wednesday.

Levi, the name aquarium staffers gave the porpoise, remains in critical condition with a pulmonary parasite. Historically, stranded porpoises have low chances of recovery due to injury and infection.

The animal continues to receive around-the-clock care, but is unable to swim due to muscle damage. Levi is being supported by a custom-made sling.

How the porpoise ended up stranded on the rock remains a mystery. Despite the odds, veterinarians are hopeful Levi will recover and be released back into the wild.

Harbour porpoises play an important role in the Salish Sea, providing researchers with data to assess the health of coastal ecosystems.

See pictures of Levi's recovery and rescue here:

Porpoise Recovering At Vancouver Aquarium