04/03/2013 05:01 EDT | Updated 06/03/2013 05:12 EDT

Vision Montréal wants city to consider making its own asphalt

Vision Montréal Leader Louise Harel is asking the city to look into making its own asphalt, in light of connections between several asphalt production companies and the Charbonneau corruption inquiry.

In March, Montreal city council refused to award a contract valued at $5 million over two years to seven asphalt companies because they had been named by or linked to the corruption inquiry.

Mayor Michael Applebaum said Montrealers would have to either learn to deal with potholes or accept they would be filled by companies with possible links to collusion or corruption.

Today, Harel said the city needs the asphalt urgently and so her party has no choice but to vote in favour of awarding an asphalt contract to one the companies.

Montreal city council will hold a special meeting Friday to make a final decision.

But for the long-term, Harel has suggested Montreal should consider the possibility of the city's building and operating its own asphalt plant.

She said she will ask to the executive council on Friday to consider launching a feasibility study.

"We need to ensure the security of the streets and the Montrealers, but we don't want to be squeezed again," said Vision Montréal councillor Chantal Rouleau.