04/05/2013 04:02 EDT

'Mad Men': Analyzing Its End-Credit Music From Dusty Springfield To The Kinks

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After what feels like an eternity, "Mad Men" is finally coming back to cable. To celebrate, we used Sunday's season six premiere as an excuse to rewatch last season, over-analyze it for potential upcoming spoilers and listen to the soundtrack several times. Clearly, due to awesomeness, this led to us losing our minds.

But before that happened, we managed to juxtapose Matthew Weiner's closing song choices with last season's overarching theme. Did they factor into the big picture? Or were songs like "16 Going on 17" throwaway picks that meant something only in a very specific context?

We listened intently, watched even more so, and treated ourselves to all behind-the-scenes featurettes the Internet provided us. Here's how we felt each song factored in, and what we think you can expect from season six.

'Mad Men' Explained By Its End-Credit Music

So what can we expect for season 6?

We know only two things for sure:

1) Elle King's "Playing For Keeps" is being featured in TV spots.

2) Lily Allen's "Everything's Just Wonderful" is also being featured in TV spots.

While King's track deals with a fall from grace, Allen's is an irreverent commentary on society ("We've all gone mental") as well as one's tendency toward denial ("I'm having the time of my life"). Is this is a take on the social climate of the late 1960s, or simply reflective of each character's double life? (Their phantom, if you'd like to get technical.)

Either way, we can be sure of... nothing. Weiner is notoriously tight-lipped on series developments, so let's hope that "You Only Live Twice" at least sets the tone for two versions of Don Draper again living as one — though this time, successfully.