04/04/2013 16:21 EDT | Updated 06/04/2013 05:12 EDT

Save on Meats gets new sign, starts food campaign

An iconic Downtown Eastside butcher shop targeted by anti-gentrification protestors is fighting back with a new sandwich board and an initiative to help the troubled neighbourhood.

Mark Brand created the new board for his restaurant, Save on Meats, to replace the one stolen last month by a group claiming to be anarchists.

The new sign was designed to imitate a photo sent to Brand, which showed two individuals dressed in black balaclavas posing behind the stolen sandwich board.

The board was taken in March, in the midst of several incidents involving various anti-gentrification groups protesting and vandalizing businesses in East Vancouver.

As businesses and residential developments continue to appear in that part of the city, concerns have been raised about balancing the needs new residents with those of low income residents and services for homeless people.

Brand is encouraging visitors to take a picture with the new sign and upload it to social media. For every photo uploaded, Brand says he will donate a breakfast to the Rainier Hotel women’s shelter.

"One of the things we pride ourselves on is turning a negative situation into a positive," Brand wrote on Instagram.

"Let’s do this together. Thank you 'anarchists.'"