04/05/2013 10:53 EDT

Twerking Video: Greg Horn, Ohio Man, Charged After Daughters Whipped With Cord (VIDEO)

Greg Horn, a father in Dayton, Ohio has been charged after he was caught on video whipping his young daughters.

The girls, aged 12 and 14, can be heard in the video screaming 'Stop daddy', while cowering in a corner. A man looming over them strikes repeatedly with a TV cable.

While the video has gone viral, collecting some two million views worldwide, mixed reports have emerged as to why the girls were attacked.

Initial reports claimed Horn became enraged after finding his daughters had uploaded a sexually suggestive video — a pelvis-thrusting trend called 'twerking' — to Facebook.

The girls later told police the beating was punishment for sneaking out of the house, ABC22 reports.

According to the police report, the victim had "visible welts on both legs in the thigh area with open wounds."

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A Father's Wrath?

April is Child Abuse Awareness month in the United states.

Horn, scheduled to appear in court on April 16, is charged with child endangering and corporal punishment.