04/05/2013 10:34 EDT | Updated 06/05/2013 05:12 EDT

Paving cost a question as Saskatchewan city deals with pothole nightmare

ESTEVAN, Sask. - Motorists in a southern Saskatchewan city are driving a torrent of nasty calls and emails into city hall over a lengthy and busy stretch of road that's so full of potholes it's been restricted to one lane.

In an attempt to reduce damage to vehicles, officials in Estevan have also reduced the speed on part of Highway 47 within the city to 30 kilometres an hour from 50 to cope with the near endless street craters.

Drivers of small vehicles are being warned that they travel the road at their own risk.

Mayor Roy Ludwig says many motorists are patient, but he understands their frustration over the mess.

City crews will start patching the road in about two weeks when the temperature rises, but there are lingering questions about who will pay for the work.

Ludwig says they have asked the province to cover 60 per cent of the project, but they don't know what the response will be. (CJME)