04/08/2013 03:21 EDT | Updated 04/08/2013 04:48 EDT

Alison Redford's Approval Ratings: Alberta Premier In Opinion Free-Fall


Alberta Premier Alison Redford's slide of public disapproval is showing no signs of slowing down and has reached an all time low, according to the latest numbers by Angus Reid.

The polling firm released the approval ratings of the country's premiers and opposition leaders on Monday.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, Newfoundland Premier Cathy Dunderdale and Redford all make the highlight reel in the latest poll.

Redford is currently sitting third from the bottom when compared to all other provincial leaders, with an approval rating of only 29 per cent. That is down noticeably from her 47 per cent approval rating last December and significantly lower than her 55 per cent approval rating last summer.

Redford, whose government last month tabled a budget that was panned by all sides of the Alberta political spectrum, has the lowest approval ratings of all Alberta provincial political leaders, including the NDP and the Liberals and has the highest disapproval ratings of all the main four provincial political party leaders - 66 per cent.

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By contrast, Danielle Smith, the leader of the opposition and of the Wildrose Party garnered the highest approval rating. She currently has 53 per cent approval and 37 per cent disapproval numbers, according to Angus Reid.

Smith's numbers put her second in the country for the most popular opposition leader in the country.

Across the border, it's Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall's government that has the highest ratings of any provincial premier in Canada.

Wall has an approval rating 64 per cent, with only a 28 per cent disapproval figure.

And while Wall is riding high in approval numbers, the opposite is true for the Saskatchewan opposition NDP, who are currently dead last in the country with an approval rating of only 32 per cent.