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Alberta's Keystone XL Ad Campaign To Run In U.S. Publications

Alberta is releasing advertisements promoting the Keystone XL pipeline in U.S. publications as Premier Alison Redford travels to Washington to lobby for the pipeline this week.

The ad will run in the Washington Post and news websites, and is similar to one that ran in the New York Times in March, the Calgary Herald reports.

Like the previous ad, it is also titled "Keystone XL: The Choice of Reason."

March's ad acknowledged the validity of environmental concerns, but stressed that the $7-billion pipeline is about much more than that.

"America's desire to effectively balance strong environmental policy, clean technology development, energy security and plentiful job opportunities for the middle class and returning war veterans mirrors that of the people of Alberta," read the $30,000 ad.

However, the Washington Post ad, according to CTV will carry a much heftier pricetag - to the tune of $70,000.

"This is why choosing to approve Keystone XL and oil from a neighbour, ally, friend, and responsible energy developer is the choice of reason."

Opponents of the pipeline launched a counter-campaign titled "Keystone XL: All Risk, No Reward," that urges viewers to consider the possibility of an oil spill.

"It's not if, it's when," says the advertisement.

If approved, Keystone XL would take oil from Alberta's oilsands through the heart of the U.S. Midwest to refineries on the Gulf Coast in Texas for transshipment to consumers around the world.

Alberta and the federal government are urging Obama approve the deal to open up new markets for the oilsands.

Protesters, meanwhile, have gathered by the thousands in Washington in recent weeks to demand the project be abandoned.

For them, the carbon-intensive oilsands operations are a symbol of greedy, shortsighted thinking. Approving Keystone, they say, encourages producers to pursue high-carbon operations that will boost the greenhouse gases already causing climate problems like higher temperatures, superstorms and severe flooding.

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