04/08/2013 11:29 EDT | Updated 06/08/2013 05:12 EDT

B.C. Liberals and NDP ramp up TV election ads

B.C.'s two leading political parties are ramping up their election campaigns on the airwaves this week with some high-profile television spots.

Starting on Monday the B.C. NDP will start running a new television ad featuring their leader Adrian Dix and the party's new slogan "Change for the better."

Then next Sunday B.C. Liberal Leader Christy Clark will kick off her campaign with a 30-minute television spot, which is being described as an "ad" by Global television, at 7 pm PT.

A statement issued by the B.C. Liberal Party says the "television special" will include community leaders and "everyday British Columbians" sharing their hopes for the future.

"This program will kick off our campaign by talking in detail about the plans and vision today's B.C. Liberals will be sharing with British Columbians," said campaign director Mike McDonald.

The statement also took a shot at the B.C. NDP, which has not yet released its platform for the upcoming campaign.

"It's also a matter of basic respect for voters to outline our priorities and policies — we hope the NDP will change course and do the same," said McDonald.

"The choice belongs to B.C. voters and we look forward to comparing our vision, our plan, and our team to the NDP during the campaign."

Both parties have already been running election ads on television for several months. The 28-day provincial election campaign officially begins on Tuesday, April 16. The election will be held on May 14.