04/09/2013 03:51 EDT | Updated 04/09/2013 05:15 EDT

Kim Kardashian In Song: Musicians Who Sang About 'Hitting It' Before Ray J

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LONDON, ENGLAND - MAY 18: Kim Kardashian launches the US weight management product QuickTrim to the UK market at St Pancras Renaissance Hotel on May 18, 2012 in London, England. (Photo by Tim Whitby/Getty Images)

While rapper Ray J is now backtracking and claiming his new song "I Hit It First" is just “about a concept," and isn't about ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian, we all know better.

The track is, rather blatantly, all about his (in)famous sex tape co-star and the fact that he slept with her long before her current boyfriend and babydaddy, Kanye West, came on the scene.

But while he may have "hit it first," Ray J certainly didn't sing about it first. Lil' Flip, Soulja Boy, Honey Boo Boo and West himself were rhyming the reality star's praises long before Ray J made his latest attempt at relevance.

Here are 10 Kim Kardashian-inspired songs that beat him to the punch:

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