04/08/2013 12:48 EDT

New Zealand Landscape Time-Lapse Shows Off North Island's Stunning Looks (VIDEO)

New Zealand Landscapes Timelapse Volume Two from Bevan Percival on Vimeo.

New Zealand's North Island may be known for the cities of Auckland and Wellington, but travellers sticking to the cities may be missing out on the island's gorgeous photo opportunities.

Vistors ravellers pressed for time or intimidated by the country's wilderness, one New Zealand local has done some (okay, a lot) of the legwork for you. In his most recent video, Bevan Percival has condensed hours of the footage featuring New Zealand's star-studded night skies, sharp peaks, rolling hills and scenic shorelines in the gorgeous time-lapse above. Mobile readers can watch the video here.

The video, titled "New Zealand Landscapes Timelapse Volume Two", runs six minutes, though Percival said the process took much longer than that.

"[This time-lapse] represents hours and hours of dedication to the art. I'm driven by chasing fleeting moments of damatic [sic] light on beautiful landscapes..." wrote Percival in his video description.

He adds that while the art of photography time-lapses is time consuming, the little activities, like curling up under the stars and changing the camera's batteries in between bouts of sleep, all add up and keep him excited for the final product. The time-lapse isn't his first adventure into North Island's outdoors either. In 2012, Percival spent months trekking around Mount Tongariro in North Island's Tongariro National Park to film his first time-lapse.

"We're very fortunate in New Zealand to have these kinds of scenery, when it's a clear night. So while there have been some very cold nights spent outdoors it's been great to see scenes such as these," Percival told New Zealand's

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