04/08/2013 14:08 EDT | Updated 06/08/2013 05:12 EDT

Selinger ranked in top 3 premiers, poll finds

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger has one of the top three approval ratings among Canadian premiers according to a recent Angus Reid poll.

Selinger’s approval rating is sitting at 38 per cent, according to the public opinion poll. The poll found 49 per cent of Manitobans polled disapproved of Selinger, and 12 per cent were unsure.

The poll showed Selinger saw a big drop in his approval rating. In August 2012, Selinger’s approval rating was 48 per cent. That fell to 46 per cent in December 2012.

Despite the drop, Selinger only sits behind New Brunswick Premier David Alward in second place and Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall in first place.

Wall has an approval rating of 64 per cent, and is the only Canadian premier that the majority of respondents were satisfied with.

Alward had an approval rating of 41 per cent.

As for Manitoba’s opposition, Conservative leader Brian Pallister got a 45 per cent approval rating in the poll, and Liberal leader Jon Gerrard came in at 31 per cent.

Angus Reid polled just over 7,000 Canadians in nine provinces to come up with the results.

The margin of error was 1.2% 19 times out of 20.

Read the full results of the public opinion poll below.