04/09/2013 05:49 EDT | Updated 06/09/2013 05:12 EDT

Auditor to release report on cost of scrapping gas plant

Ontario's auditor general will release a report on April 14, about a controversial decision made by the Liberal government, just before the last election, to cancel a gas plant in Mississauga.

Auditor general Jim McCarter will announce the results of his special investigation into the gas plant cancellation on Monday.

The report will only deal with the Mississauga plant — and not the plant in Oakville that was scrapped in 2010 after local opposition.

The auditor is looking into the Oakville decision, but that report is not expected for several months.

The Liberals announced during the 2011 election campaign they would scrap the half-built Mississauga plant, which was surrounded by ridings the Liberals feared losing.

Scrapping it did not come cheap. The government says it cost $190 million. The opposition parties say they believe the cost was much higher.

McCarter's report will say whether that $190 million figure is accurate.

In another development, documents were released Tuesday that show the Ontario Power Authority hired lawyers to prepare its witnesses testifying at the hearings into the cancellations.

The document show the lawyers billed as much as $600 per hour.

The government insists it's routine for lawyers to help witnesses prepare for these kinds of hearings.