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Kelly Davidson's Topless Photo: Mastectomy Picture Goes Viral

Ottawa breast cancer survivor Kelly Davidson has become a web phenomenon after a topless photo of her was posted to the Facebook page Why We Ink.

The photo of Davidson proudly displaying the chest tattoos she got after undergoing two mastectomies has received more than 700,000 likes and nearly 100,000 shares.

In the caption that accompanies the post, Davidson writes that her "tattoo symbolizes a transformation, my metamorphosis, like a butterfly I changed on the outside but remained the same on the inside."

"It is my badge of honour and strength, a piece of beautiful art that I wear with pride because it represents how I kicked cancer's ass and how breasts don't define who I am as a person or a woman."

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Davidson has dealt with cancer since she was a child.

She was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma when she was 11 years old, according to the Toronto Star. At age 28, she found out she had breast cancer.

In 2011, Davidson had her thyroid removed after a diagnosis of papillary thyroid cancer. She has also had basal cell carcinoma.

Despite all her health woes, Davidson has kept a positive attitude

"Going through cancer 4 times didn’t make me weak or vulnerable, it made me stronger," Davidson wrote in a post for the Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. "I realized not to take the small things in life too seriously, to live every day to the fullest, laugh and love….a lot and never take anything for granted."

Her post for Why We Ink, a Facebook page devoted to photos of cancer survivor's tattoos, was not the first time Davidson has shared her story.

A photo of her appeared in the book "Breast Stories: Cancer Survivors Speak Out" last year and her tattoos were pictured in the press.

On several occasions in the past, Facebook has removed photos of breast cancer survivors' chest tattoos, but it appears the social network has now changed its position.

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