04/09/2013 01:25 EDT | Updated 06/09/2013 05:12 EDT

Poetic chairs to remain on Vancouver's Kits Beach after being donated to city

VANCOUVER - A whimsical series of chairs created for the Vancouver Biennale Open Air Museum in 2005 has been donated to the city, a gift by Montreal artist Michel Goulet and the Biennale.

The sculpture, titled "Echoes," will remain on Kits Beach where it has been installed since 2010, a Biennale spokesperson said.

Aphorisms in French and English are inscribed into each of the 16 stainless steel chairs. When sunlight hits the chairs at the right angle, the aphorisms are projected onto the sand below as one large poem.

"With 'Echoes' (Goulet) turns the everyday chair into a poetic sculpture that invites us to come together to interact as neighbours," said Biennale president Barrie Mowatt.

"Goulet is a great Canadian artist and his iconic chair sculpture a great addition to this city."

Kits, one of Vancouver's most popular beaches, is located on English Bay across from the downtown core.