04/09/2013 11:42 EDT

Rachel McAdams Debuts Red Hair, Shows Off Her Wild Side On Jimmy Kimmel (PHOTOS)

She may be Canada's sweetheart, but Rachel McAdams showed off her wild side on Monday night by debuting fiery red hair on Jimmy Kimmel and describing how she's experimented with questionable substances.

The usually squeaky-clean actress surprised audiences by revealing she had taken marijuana from her "neighbourhood grocer" in Toronto to help her sleep, but that her plan unfortunately backfired when she started hallucinating and hearing opera singing.

Despite her alleged indiscretion, the 34-year-old Canadian cutie stayed true to her famously down-to-earth style, explaining why she still lives at home in Toronto rather than making the typical move out to Hollywood.

"Its not a lucrative place for paparazzi," she said. "I mean I don't even own a car. I just walk everywhere, I ride my bike."

The "To the Wonder" actress also managed to pull of an eye-popping look while baring minimal skin. She wore a sheer indigo blouse and matching purple pants for her appearance, which confused the late night host, who thought the actress was wearing a jumpsuit.

Maybe McAdams, who split from long-time boyfriend Michael Sheen in February, is showing off a more daring side (and letting Sheen know what he's missing!) now that she's newly single?

See the photos of Rachel below and tell us what you think of her red hair and indigo ensemble!

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