04/09/2013 03:55 EDT

WestJet April Fool's Prank: Behind The Scenes Of 'Furry Family' (VIDEO)

WestJet announced on April Fool's Day that the company would be easing restriction on pets as part of their "furry family" program, and now they're explaining how they got the goat on the plane.

A behind-the-scenes video showcases the techniques used to digitally place in animals into the video made to prank customers.

"Did you think we had a real bear in the bathroom?" the company wrote on its blog.

The prank video claimed that the company would allow for any type of animal that fits safely on board their planes to roam about, fly or crawl if needed.

The company thanked the 24 WestJetters who worked on the video and GreenScreen Animals, who were responsible for the four-legged visitors.

While some may be disappointed that they can't take all their furry friends on board, there is relief there won't be any raccoons on the plane.

Watch the original video below, after the slideshow, and the behind-the-scenes video above.

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