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Canada's Best Hospitals Ranked By CBC

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The next time you're checking into a hospital, you may want to consider one of these locations first.

According to a new grading report by the CBC's 'the fifth estate', four of the Canada's 10 best hospitals are in Alberta. Other top hospitals were found in Ontario, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan.

Using data collected from hospitals by non-profit organization Canadian Institute for Health Information, this national report card was put together with the help of a five-member expert panel, along with reporting from the CBC.

Ratings were based on the number of people who died after surgeries, patients who were readmitted after treatments or who experienced other complications during their stay.

For CBC's purposes, community hospitals were compared against other hospitals similar in size, and research hospitals were a separate category. Out of 239 rated hospitals, 10 got an A+, while eight received a D, including the Burnaby Hospital and the Surrey Memorial Hospital in British Columbia.

In 2011, a report by the Fraser Institute found wait times for surgery in Canada have been the highest in 18 years, with a median waiting period of 19 weeks between the referral from a doctor and the start of a treatment. The report also added Ontario had the shortest wait time, while Prince Edward Island had the longest at 43.9 weeks.

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