04/10/2013 17:25 EDT | Updated 06/10/2013 05:12 EDT

Just 1 of 13 Toronto hospitals gets above-average grade

Just a single Toronto hospital was given an above-average grade in a new investigation by CBC-TV’s the fifth estate.

The Toronto hospital to get the highest grade was Rouge Valley Centenary. It was just one of 20 hospitals to be given an A grade in the fifth estate investigation.

Ten other Canadian hospitals were given an A+ grade, but none was in Toronto.

Six Toronto hospitals received a B grade, while six others received a grade of C. No Toronto hospital received a D grade in the investigation.

Using data from the Canadian Institute for Health Information, the fifth estate graded more than 200 hospitals across Canada.

The investigation used five key measures of hospital care when assigning grades to hospitals:

- Mortality after major surgery

- Nursing-sensitive adverse events, surgical patients

- Nursing-sensitive adverse events, medical patients

- Readmission after surgery

- Readmission after medical treatment

In the fifth estate investigation, the top grade assigned was an A+ in cases where data suggested that a hospital had a substantially better performance than a typical hospital of similar size.

An A grade was assigned when the data showed that the hospital's performance was better than one of similar size, a B grade when it was the same as a hospital of similar size and a C when the data suggested the hospital's performance was below that of a hospital of similar size.

The lowest grade was a D in cases where data suggested that a hospital's performance was substantially below that of a typical hospital of similar size.

Here are the grades assigned to 13 Toronto hospitals in the fifth estate investigation:

Hundreds of Canadian hospitals could not be rated because key information was not publicly available.

The CBC's Rate My Hospital website allows users to look up individual hospitals to see the grades they have been assigned, as well as statistical information about those institutions.

Those who visit the site can also take the opportunity to rate their local hospital on key measures such as cleanliness and communication.