04/10/2013 02:11 EDT | Updated 04/12/2013 12:43 EDT

Mexico Barbie: 'Dolls Of The World' Stir Up Controversy Over Stereotypes (PHOTOS)

Mattel's "Mexico Barbie" is stirring up controversy online, with critics claiming the doll reinforces negative stereotypes -- but is the Barbie bashing justified?

The doll is part of Barbie's "Dolls Of The World" collection, which launched over 30 years ago but is making a comeback with a a variety of new dolls meant to represent different cultures.

Mexico Barbie is "fashionably ready for a fiesta" in a bright pink dress with ribbon accents and comes with her own Chihuahua.

She also comes with documentation, in the form of a passport and sticker sheet for "added play value," according to Amazon.

The Latin Times suggested there could be an implicit message behind the decision to give Barbie a passport, saying, "... it would be pure speculation to say Mattel is siding with one side of the immigration issue or the other. Are they making any sort of political statement or just being creative?"

Journalist Laura Martinez also voiced her concerns over Mattel's message in a blog post: "Play with your Barbie Mexicana and don’t even think of calling her indocumentada."

Notably, all of the Barbies (not just the Mexico doll) come with passports and are dressed in "cultural" garb -- India Barbie wears a traditional sari and has a pet monkey, while Australia Barbie comes "ready for any outback adventure" in a Steve Irwin-inspired outfit and pet koala bear.

Mattel spokeswoman Sara Rosales defended the dolls to Fox News Latino, saying, “Girls enjoy exploring the world and learning about different cultures through play."

Scroll through the gallery below and tell us what you think: Do the "Dolls of the World" reinforce stereotypes or celebrate other cultures?

Barbie's "Dolls Of The World"