04/10/2013 01:47 EDT | Updated 07/29/2013 04:32 EDT

Pigeon Birth Control Proposed For Frisky BC Birds

TRAIL, B.C. - Frisky pigeons may have met their match in Trail, B.C.

Councillors in the southeastern B.C. city say the amount of time spent considering the fate of Trail's growing pigeon population is for the birds.

First the creatures were to be rounded up and shipped off to feather their nests in other cities, but the plan ruffled a few too many feathers and the birds remain cooing in the Kootenays.

Now, Coun. Robert Cacchioni says the city is researching a type of birth control pill that could make procreating pigeons — and their poop — a thing of the past.

The question is: Will it fly?

Cacchioni says if the pigeon pill, which is used in the United States, can be found and cleared for use in Canada, flocks can have all the fun they want, a cull can be avoided, and council will be free as a bird to consider other flighty issues. (Trail Daily Times)

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