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Amanda Todd's Mom Offers Strength To Bullying Victim's Family

Nova Scotia's Justice Minister Ross Landry says he's considering new laws when it comes to allegations of sexual assault and distribution of child pornography after a Halifax teenager killed herself after allegedly being raped and photographed by four boys.

Rehtaeh Parsons, 17, died on the weekend after trying to take her life last Thursday. Leah Parsons says her daughter was raped by four boys when she was 15, and then became the victim of bullying and harassment after a picture taken on the night of the attack was circulated.

No charges have been laid in regard to the allegations made by Rehtaeh.

Parsons took to Facebook to tell her daughter's story and shame the alleged unnamed perpetrators. By Wednesday morning, an online petition calling for an inquiry into the police investigation had more than 6,000 signatures.

Landry initially said his department can’t second-guess every police investigation, but late on Tuesday he said he was giving officials in his department approval to review the case, and present him with options by the end of the week.

Landry met with Parsons on Wednesday.

"I did assure her that I'm going to discuss with my provincial colleagues and my federal partners the issue of the technology of the imaging and the laws around that and what we could be doing different because in this technological age it's ever-changing and we need to have processes in place and laws in place that address that," he said.

Meanwhile, a representative from Nova Scotia's Crown prosecution service reiterated that there are not sufficient grounds for charges in the Rehtaeh Parsons case.

Chris Hansen said two prosecutors reviewed all the files they gave to police last October and concluded there's not a reasonable chance of conviction on either child pornography or sexual assault charges.

The mother of B.C. cyberbullying victim Amanda Todd said she understands what Rehtaeh's family is going through.

Rehtaeh's story has similarities to Amanda's case. The 15-year-old killed herself last fall after being cyberstalked for two years.

Carol Todd said she sent a letter to Rehtaeh's mother.

“I wrote to her that in my deepest of hearts that I am so sorry for what her and her family are going through, that I for one truly understand what she is going through and that I give her as much strength as I have,” said Todd.

Rehtaeh's funeral will be held on Saturday.

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