04/10/2013 02:36 EDT | Updated 04/10/2013 02:58 EDT

Right Here Calgary Video: What Happened To The Seniors And The Snow? (VIDEO)

A new promotional video meant to highlight Calgary as a destination city is missing one crucial and obvious demographic – old people.

The video, called 'Right Here' and released Tuesday as a joint venture between Calgary Economic Development, Tourism Calgary, the Calgary TELUS Convention Centre and the Calgary Hotel Association, paints the city in a beautiful light with stunning videography and unique camera angles. But some say the video only shows part of the picture.

As Kimberly Feher (@KSF1975) said on Twitter this morning: "I dig the #RightHereYYC video - but would be nice to see more age ranges and diversity."

While the video shows Calgarians rafting on the Bow River, snowboarding at C.O.P., show jumping at Spruce Meadows and dining in the downtown core, it mostly shows the under-40 set enjoying these activities. Calgary is by all accounts a young city, but it obviously has its share of people with grey hair, as well.

Alberta and idyllic videos seem to go hand-in-hand, but there are also other missing pieces to this particular promotion. Calgary blogger Buzz Bishop points out:

"This video makes you think it never snows in May. It doesn’t tell you that traffic is pain on the best of days. It doesn’t show people holding on to their hats in the biting wind.

It’s a highlight reel, I get that. It showcases the best of our city in a beautiful, wonderful, inspiring way. It’s gorgeous and nailed the fact that Calgarians love to run (although there are more days in toques and mittens on the pathways than tiny tank tops). Still, I draw the line at Calgary being considered a paradise where sailors would want to call the home."

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