04/11/2013 01:24 EDT | Updated 04/11/2013 01:37 EDT

Happy Guest Hotel Lodge Rents 'Happy' The Goldfish To Lonely Guests


Happiness isn't a fish you can catch but it is something you can rent for several dollars at a hotel.

The Happy Guest Hotel Lodge, a small independent bed and breakfast in the United Kingdom, may not have an all you-can-eat buffet or luxurious hot tubs in each of its bathrooms, but it does have a gold fish rental service geared towards lonely travellers who could use a little gold when they're feeling blue. Previously, the only hotels to offer goldfish as a pet (and not the snack that smiles back) were the Soho Grand Hotel in New York City and hotels that are part of the Kimpton Hotels chain in North America.

The hotel's owner, Jeff Riley told the U.K.'s Metro that the hotel's fish, aptly named "Happy" for its cheerful disposition, can provide some good company for a weary traveller on the road.

‘It can be lonely for those travelling alone but now, when our guests return to their hotel rooms after a difficult day at the office, Happy could be there to give them unconditional love and a valuable sounding board," said Riley.

The lodge's goldfish rental service works like any typical hotel room booking: travellers book online and pay roughly the equivalent of C$8 to have Happy meet the guest in their room. So what else does Happy do for the same price of McDonald's combo meal? Well, not much else.

"Obviously it can’t talk back but it can wiggle its fins and swim around the tank – it will give guests someone to talk to and unload the troubles of the day," said Riley in the Telegraph.

For the time being, Happy is the lodge's only fish but Riley says he's confident that the fishy amenity will reel in repeat customers during an interview with the Mirror and that just might lead to even more fish to join Happy.

Anyone else thinking "Go" and "Lucky" are all appropriate names?

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