Kate Middleton Baby Bump: Why The Duchess Of Cambridge's Bump Isn't 'Showing'

It's not the long coats or the way Kate Middleton carries her clutches that keep her baby bump hidden, it turns out the Duchess of Cambridge's barely there belly runs in the family.

Kate, who is set to give birth mid-July, is having a very similar pregnancy to her mother's, according to Hollywood Life.

"Carole didn’t show for a long time,” sources told US Weekly.

Mrs. Middleton, who gave birth to Kate, Pippa and James, also kept a smaller frame.

“She wore non-maternity clothes right up until the final weeks. So it was no surprise to the family when Kate stayed little,” sources tell the magazine.

While the size of the Duchess's frame has caused some speculation, it doesn't seem to worry the Royal couple. Instead, sources say, Prince William and his wife are closer than ever.

Mark Stewart, a royal photographer, tells People magazine the couple have been much more "touchy-feely."

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