04/11/2013 02:41 EDT | Updated 04/11/2013 02:44 EDT

Louis C.K. 'Live At The Beacon Theater' Earned Comedian More Than $1 Million


One year and five months after releasing his comedy special, "Live at the Beacon Theater," Louis C.K. is now a millionaire -- many, many times over.

The comedian famously avoided the usual route of a DVD release for his live stand-up show in December 2011, instead self-releasing the special via his own website and charging viewers just $5 for a direct, high-definition download stream.

The gamble paid off.

“We made a million bucks in about 10 days,” C.K. told the National Post. “Since then I sell about 1,000 a week.”

CK (whose real name is Louie Szekely) has earned approximately $1.34 million from digital sales of the stand-up show alone. His overall net worth, however, is estimated to be much higher -- at nearly $8.5 million -- in part from his TV comedy series "Louie," which he stars in, writes, directs and edits.

The 44-year-old foul-mouthed comic has announced he'll be taking a year off from "Louie" to write new stand-up material and scripts for Season 4, but for those who can't get enough of CK, his HBO stand-up special "Louie C.K: Oh My God" is set to air this Saturday.

"Louie C.K.: Oh My God" airs April 13 at 10 p.m. on HBO and HBO Canada. "Louie" airs in repeats on FX Canada Mondays at 10 p.m. and 10:30 p.m.

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