04/12/2013 06:45 EDT | Updated 06/12/2013 05:12 EDT

Additional charges laid against man accused of threatening Montreal cop

MONTREAL - Additional charges have been laid against a 43-year-old man accused of counselling people to kill a high-profile Montreal police officer.

Anatoliy Vdovin was supposed to appear for a bail hearing in Montreal today but instead had charges of intimidating and harassing a peace officer filed against him.

Vdovin's bail hearing was put off until April 18 during his brief court appearance.

Authorities say Vdovin was arrested Wednesday in connection with alleged threats against Cmdr. Ian Lafreniere, the head of communications for the police department.

Montreal police say they were tipped off by citizens who noticed alleged Internet threats against Lafreniere.

Police say the charges have nothing to do with the case of a woman who was charged with criminal harassment last week after she posted a photo online of graffiti showing Lafreniere with a bullet in his head.

Jennifer Pawluck was released under conditions and ordered to appear before a judge at a later date.