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Amr El-Orabi, McGill Student, Leaves Canada After He Claims He Was Bullied By Professor


A McGill student fled the country and returned to his native Egypt in late 2012 after he says he was bullied by his supervising professor.

Amr El-Orabi, a Natural Resource Sciences student who started studying at the Montreal University in May 2012, says that his professor, Gary Dunphy, uttered racist and homophobic threats and told El-Orabi to "‘get the (bleep) out of the country," according to Global News.

El-Orabi said that Dunphy even threatened him in November, 2012 when he said he had found another supervising professor. El-Orabi recorded the conversation and gave it to Global News and played it to campus security and faculty.

"I want to respect the Arab world, I can't when you insist I have to do things your way," Dunphy can be heard saying near the end of the recording.

"Is there anything else that you want from me," El-Orabi asks. "Yes, your death," Dunphy responds. "Don't ever come back," Dunphy adds.

The Montreal Gazette confirmed that a grievance has been filed by El-Orabi. Dunphy is also not responding to media questions about the incident.

“The idea of a death threat against a student is disturbing. It’s something that the university would take very seriously,” Morton Mendelson, McGill’s deputy provost told the Gazette.

The McGill Daily reported that Dunphy is now facing protests from students. "McGill has a problem with institutional racism,” a protester told the campus paper. “People like him shouldn’t be in a room with students teaching in any educational institutional – those people should be fired.”

But other students were surprised to hear about Dunphy's outbursts. Dunphy also largely received positive ratings on, a site that allows students to anonymously leave feedback on instructors. "

"I loved this professor! Dr Dunphy is so helpful, and really gives you a chance to get good grades. This course should be perfect if you pay attention to his class to get a high mark!" wrote one student.

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