04/12/2013 05:21 EDT

The Best Jobs In Canada, 2013


Canadian Business magazine has released the latest edition of its Best Jobs in Canada list, and the not-too-surprising verdict is in: You need high skills or a serious education to get into one of Canada’s best professions.

Jobs related to the oil industry took first and third place on the list, and plenty more spots further down. Government continues to be a driver of job growth: Both senior government manager and school principal made the top 10, while police officer ranked 14th.

Health care is another bright spot, with nurses, dental hygienists and speech pathologists riding high on the list.

But what the jobs pretty much all have in common is the need for either an advanced education or serious skills training. That's hardly a surprise, given all the talk about a skilled labour shortage in Canada, but this list is a striking reminder of just how specialized our economy has become.

Check out the 12 best jobs in Canada, according to Canadian Business. Check out the full list of the top 50 best jobs at the Canadian Business site.

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