04/11/2013 07:01 EDT | Updated 06/12/2013 05:12 EDT

Mammoliti Aims to Resume Work After Brain Surgery

CP/The Globe And Mail
Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti, recovering at home after being released from hospital following brain surgery, said Thursday he hopes to return to vote on a casino in the city.

The Ward 7 councillor was released from St. Michael's Hospital on Wednesday after undergoing brain surgery last week.

"I want to thank the staff and nurses of St. Michaels's Hospital for saving my life," Mammoliti said in a statement released Thursday.

What started out as an investigation into swelling around Mammoliti's right eye turned into a medical emergency with the discovery of a serious condition affecting the brain.

The often-outspoken councilor was treated for "a condition which causes a miscommunication between the veins and arteries in the brain if left untreated would have caused a stroke," the statement said.

Mammoliti says he's not sure when he'll return to work, but he says he will participate in important council votes, as long as he's cleared by a doctor.

He is also making his position clear on the issue.

"As far as the casino is concerned — deal me in,” his statement said.

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