04/12/2013 11:18 EDT

Justin Trudeau's Potential Threat To Tories, NDP Debated By At Issue Panel (VIDEO)

Unless something incredibly unpredictable happens, Justin Trudeau will be named the next leader of the Liberal party this weekend.

With polls showing a Grit resurgence in Canada — even before the charismatic but relatively inexperienced politician takes the helm — it’s fair to wonder if Conservatives and New Democrats are starting to get worried about Trudeau?

The At Issue panel on CBC's "The National" discussed Pierre Trudeau’s son and other aspects of the Liberal leadership race on Thursday night. The Huffington Post Canada’s Althia Raj joined the Toronto Star’s Chantal Hébert and panel regular Andrew Coyne for a discussion moderated by Peter Mansbridge.

Did Trudeau prove the cynics wrong in this race? Does he pose a real threat to Stephen Harper’s government? What can Thomas Mulcair and the NDP do in the face of Trudeau's apparent popularity?

Watch the video above for the panel’s take on these issues and share your comments below.

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