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'Humber Epic Hookup Fail' Facebook Page Enrages Students

An anonymous online post on a Facebook page called Humber Epic Hookup Fails bragging about an apparent sexual assault has outraged Humber College, its students and the police.

In the post, the anonymous male claims that he met a girl at the end of the night, when “she could barely walk,” and brought her home where she was “stumbling all over the driveway.”

He details how he had sex with the girl and says that she was “taking it like a starfish.”

The writer goes on to say that his roommate came home, to which he responded with, “Hey bud, just hop right in…”

He says his friend proceeded to receive oral sex from the girl.

'No verbal consent was needed'

"No verbal consent was needed," reads the post.

The poster says the girl threw up and that they kicked her out, leaving her naked on the driveway.

Officials at Humber say that students notified them of the post, and the police have been contacted.

John Mason, vice-president of student and corporate services at Humber, said that the college reacted to the news of the post with shock and disappointment.

“One of Humber’s values is the value of respect,” said Mason. “This type of activity or allegation certainly suggests there is less than respect for an individual.”

Police are investigating who is behind the post and trying to verify the story or determine if it is a factual account or if the post is fiction.

Police said that they were alarmed by this posting and are working with the college to remove the post from Facebook. They also noted that situations such as these are very difficult to track as they are online and anonymous, and they hope that someone will come forward with more information.

News of the post has spread around the college and students have been expressing their disgust on facebook.

“We started reading some of the posts that are on there, and some of them are really insulting,” said Shealagh Palangio, one of the Humber students who reported the page to the school.

“It’s so degrading and it’s pretty disgusting.”

Palangio and her friend Caitlin Comeau-Jarvis were in the library on Thursday when they received a friend-request from the page. They accepted out of curiosity and were met with the post in question.

“It’s condoning a rape culture,” said Comeau-Jarvis. "It was really upsetting to read.”

Along with reporting the page to the school and police, Palangio and Comeau-Jarvis also reported it to Facebook.

Not inappropriate enough

The social media site responded by saying that it doesn’t believe that the content was inappropriate enough to be taken off the page.

“I think that it’s really unfair to them as an institution to have their name attached to that because they were obviously not aware of it,” said Palangio.

The page implores fellow students to send them their stories which are put up anonymously on the pages wall where members can “like” and comment on the posts.

Students encouraged to share stories

The page is used by Humber College students, but there are pages like this associated with other Ontario colleges in the social media site.

This familiar story comes at time when gang sexual assaults are in the public eye in Canada and in the U.S. after the death of Rehtaeh Parsons, the Nova Scotia teen who killed herself after an alleged sex assault at a party, and the trial in Steubenville, Ohio, where two teens found guilty of raping a drunk teen at a party.

“This kind of thing happens more than you would think. Everyone knows someone, whether they know it or not, that this has happened to. Girls are being blamed for drinking too much and not wearing the right clothes, and they’re the victims," said Comeau-Jarvis.

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